This article admits that there are numerous myths surrounding estate planning, chief among them that we have the time to make one later. That is one of the six myths the article works to dismiss in order to help readers understand the important role a timely, well-thought out estate plan plays, especially if an accident were to happen. The article quickly notes that one key reason people avoid discussing an estate plan is that death is an uncomfortable subject, and it laments that because of this, many families are left in dire straits and long, drawn out legal issues that are completely unnecessary.

Yes, the article acknowledges how difficult death is to discuss and to process, it also explains myths related to the process of planning out an estate plan. One myth that it debunks is that an estate plan is final once it is drafted, as this would mean that one’s change in income or assets would be left out of a will or trust that was written years, months, or even minutes beforehand. These myths that the article explores and clarifies are some of the many reasons people give to not create an estate plan, which is why the article focuses on them.

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