About Us

Who We Are

We’re a well-established planning firm with a reputation for innovative and reputable systems for getting the most comprehensive result for our clients. Our professional networks are comprised of seasoned experts in the fields of estate planning, financial planning, risk analysis and accounting/taxation. What separates us from the rest is our comprehensive service model that allows us to make sure our clients have access to professionals and firms that are the best in their particular fields of expertise.

Comprehensive Service Model

Traditionally, to address your legacy planning needs, you would travel to and consult with multiple, unrelated professionals. Each professional then attempts to address a given facet of your planning needs with limited to no knowledge of what other specialists were doing to assist you.

This approach leads to potential planning gaps and is an inefficient model to address the dynamic needs of today’s consumers.

Our integrated client services model allows us to anticipate your needs and provide high quality referrals to our network of professionals to address your questions under one roof.

From Power of Attorney to complicated Estate, Financial or Tax transactions we have professionals on our team that can help you!

Let us help you start your journey!