Dedicated to Protecting and Preserving Your Life’s Legacy

Why is there a need for Estate Planning?
By developing an Estate Plan, you can control your assets and save your heirs from the lengthy, costly and emotionally draining process of going through the probate court system. You have worked hard for your assets and it only makes sense to preserve as much of it as possible for your heirs to receive.
In addition to peace of mind, there are six major reasons why people of modest to substantial means should establish and Estate Plan:

  • Privacy for self and family
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Great control
  • Quick and easy transition to loved ones
  • Flexibility and the ability to make changes
  • Clarification of wishes for end-of-life medical decisions

How will establishing a “Trust” help?
If your assets are not in a revocable living Trust, they will pass through the probate court system. By using a Trust, you can arrange for the management of your assets after death or during incapacity and can avoid the probate court system. Having a Trust alleviates the burden of dealing with complex administrative, legal, and financial issues during an already difficult time. A Trust has several advantages, including avoiding the delays and expense of probate, maintaining privacy, and ensuring that assets continue to be managed properly.

Is it expensive to set up an Estate Plan?
Estate Planning can be very inexpensive, especially when compared to the thousands of dollars and many hours of time that may be spent during the probate process.